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        1. Welcome to iValve, a professional manufacturer for water control system

          Air Valve single orifice triple function



          The single orifice air valve will continuously release accumulated air during system operation. As air from the pipeline enters the valve, it displaces the water, allowing the float to drop. The air is then released into the atmosphere through a small orifice. As the air is vented it is replaced.

          The Single Orifice Air Valve is used in main water line systems, and distribution lines to release the unwanted air accumulation.

          EN 1074-4
          Flange EN 1092-2
          Tests EN 12266-1
          Medium Water
          Temperature 0-80℃
          Low Pressure Seal
          Body Test 15/25/38Bar
          Seal Test 11/18/28Bar
          PN 10/16/25Bar
          DN DN50-DN200


          ? Flow Media – Clean Water , sewage, air

          ? Applications – Water systems, firefighting and irrigation system

          ? All uncoated metal is high grade stainless steel

          ? Safe operation

          ? Little maintenance

          ? Effective corrosion protection

          ? No copper alloy

          ? No Arms or levers -- prevents vibrating, bending of the float

          ? Smoth cage outside of float to keep float moving in guide rail

          ? Bottom rubber buffer for collision prevention

          ? Fully expoxy prainting coated inside and outside 250?Air Release Simple Level Type.

          ??It can eliminate the gas in the pipeline, reduce the resistance and save energy.

          ? Float ball is made of Wood ball+EPDM

          ? When the pipeline is under negative pressure,the product can automatically suck in air to prevent the pipeline from breaking.?

          Technical Data