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        1. Welcome to iValve, a professional manufacturer for water control system

          Threaded end Resilient seated Gate Valve



          Threaded gate valve, for drinking water connections, irrigation, hydraulic and civil works, etc. It has minimal pressure drop and is 100% watertight, full bore and removable when installed under load.


          ? Threaded connection.

          ? 100% sealing test.

          ? 100% tightness.?

          ? Bidirectional flow.

          ? Minimal pressure drop.?

          ? Detachable in load.?

          ? Screws protected against external agents.?

          ? WRAS certificate for contact with potable water.?

          ? EN 1074-2 certified.

          Design DIN 3352
          Flange GB/T 7306-2000
          Face to Face
          GB/T 12221-2015
          Tests EN12266
          Operation Handwheel / Cap
          Medium Water
          Temperature 0-80℃
          Seal Test 11/18Bar
          Body Test 15/24Bar
          PN 10/16Bar
          DN DN20-DN50

          Technical Data