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        1. Welcome to iValve, a professional manufacturer for water control system

          Resilient Seated Gate Valve with Position Indicator


          Design EN1171
          Flange EN1092-2
          Face to Face
          EN558-1 Series 3/14/15
          Tests EN12266-1
          Operation Handwheel / Cap
          Medium Water
          Temperature 0-80℃
          Seal Test 11/18Bar
          Body Test 15/24Bar
          PN 10/16Bar
          DN DN40-DN300

          Technical Data


          1.The valve is installed independent of the flow direction of the medium.

          2.?After the valve is assembled, the thread of the bolt/stem shall be greased to prevent corrosion and facilitate subsequent disassembly.

          3.?Do not use the valve for pipe pressure regulation, gate valves generally play the role of a switch, to achieve a good adjustment effect, it is recommended to choose a professional regulating valve, water erosion will affect the service life of the valve disc.

          4.?Do not use valves with EDPM for gaseous fluids.

          Installation instructions

          1.?Notice of water stop shall be issued before construction.

          2.?The water in the road should be avoided in the front row of construction.

          3.?Electricity for construction must be guaranteed.

          4.?It is strictly prohibited to use hand wheel, handle and transmission mechanism for hoisting and collision is strictly prohibited.

          5.?Lubricate the valve at least once a month if it is in frequent use.