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        1. Welcome to iValve, a professional manufacturer for water control system

          Swing Check Valve

          Swing check valve is mounted with a disc that swings?on a hinge or shaft. The disc swings off the seat to allow?forward flow and when the flow is stopped, the disc?swings back onto the seat to block reverse flow.

          IVALVE?swing check valves are available in both?resilient and metal sealing. It’s?normally recommended for water and wastewater?systems applications because of the simple construction,?low pressure drop across the valve, and field?service ability.

          Design AWWA C515
          Flange ASME B16.1/16.42
          Face to Face
          BS 5153?
          Tests EN12266
          Operation Self-motion
          Medium Water
          Temperature 0-80℃
          Seal Test 11/18Bar
          Body Test 15/24Bar
          PN 10/16Bar
          DN DN40-DN400

          Technical Data