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        1. Welcome to iValve, a professional manufacturer for water control system

          Rubber Flap Check Valve


          Rubber Flap Check Valve is designed to prevent reverse flow automatically. During system flow conditions,the movement of the fluid forces the valve disc to the open position allowing 100% UN - restricted flow area through the valve,Under reverse flow conditions,the disc automatically returns to the closed position to prevent reverse flow. The valve is of the swing check type utilizing an angled seat and fully encapsulated, resilient disc.

          Design BS 5163
          Flange EN 1092-2
          Face to Face
          BS 5153 / DIN F6
          Tests EN12266
          Operation Self-motion
          Medium Water
          Temperature 0-80℃
          Seal Test 11/18Bar
          Body Test 15/24Bar
          PN 10/16Bar
          DN DN50-DN600


          45°closing angle - minimize closure time?

          35° max open - enough flow area?

          Disc: WCB+EPDM?

          The cover is removable and flow removal of the disc without removing the valve from the pipeline.

          Technical Data