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        1. Welcome to iValve, a professional manufacturer for water control system

          WRAS Approval for Y-Strainer

          2021-06-26 16:19

          IVALVE has already got the WRAS certificate for


          The product so mentioned will be valid until the end of May 2024

          Approval Number: 1905037


          Validity dates: This approval is valid for fittings (as listed below in model) manufactured AND installed between May 2019 & May 2024

          Section Number: 1715

          Section title: STRAINERS

          Installation requirement notes: R001, R120 (IRN's are set out in Appendix A)

          Product description: Range of in-line `Y` patterned strainers with cast iron bodies (blue epoxy coated), stainless-steel mesh strainers and drain plug. For above ground use only.

          Maximum working pressure 16.0 bar. Maximum operating temperature 85°C

          Note: The discharge from the drain plug must be via a type `AA`, `AB` or `AD` airgap, or in accordance with EN1717.

          Size: DN40 - DN300

          Identification Marking: IVALVE, WRAS, PN, DN and GGG50 on body

          Factor: IVALVE Tech. (Tongling) Co., Ltd

          Model: IV-SRY-16Q